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Who Are We?

CUTVNews is a premiere news magazine TV program spotlighting the most successful businesses across America. CUTVNews has featured hundreds of industry leaders on our shows. We are a professional News Magazine Show, viewed by millions who continue to be captivated by our intellectual, informative and entertaining storytelling style. Join us! Viewers are eager to watch and learn about your specific business or profession.

What We Do?

We continue to select only the business leaders and entrepreneurs who are making a difference in America and globally. These leaders are interviewed by well known celebrity news reporters, including nationally recognized Doug Llewelyn. Mr. Llewelyn is well remembered as the host of the People's Court. He reported outside the courtroom, and was known as "the voice of sensibility".

If You Are Selected?

As a leader in your industry, you will have the opportunity to discuss and promote your business on a nationally recognized cable television station (ION). Your business or profession is featured alongside other prominent industry leaders and you will be able to :

  • Broadcast live news video over the web
  • Give your business a global audience 24/
  • Create and build credibility using celebrity reporters
  • Communicate what makes your business different
  • Demonstrate how your products work
  • Educate customers and employees
  • Motivate prospects to buy

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    Thank you, Close Up TV News... It will be a great marketing opportunity.

  • Hartsdale Canine Cemetery, Inc.

    We recently added the video to our website and have received numberous compliments about how professional it is.
    ... The whole process went smoothly without exception and all deadlines were met.


  • Huntington Hills

    ... we received our CD's and we could not be more pleased with the process and outcome
    Our finished segment is terrific and we love the way you captured the caring and competency of Huntington Hills!

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  • Signalert

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