TV & Radio Host/Personality/Correspondent/Spokesperson

Our clients describe Janice Marie as “a gifted reporter possessing a warmth that puts everyone at ease.” We couldn’t agree more! She’s interviewed hundreds of our clients over the past five years. She’s insightful, professional and possesses a unique ability and commitment to help you communicate your story in powerful and compelling ways.

Ms. Marie brings a wealth of talent, experience and credibility to all her clients. She has been a fixture in local and national media since 2001. She’s appeared in over 100 commercials and industrials for clients like Stainmaster Carpet, Popeye’s Chicken and ACT Mouthwash.

She’s hosted several infomercials and represents clients like Canon, Sony and Bristol-Myers Squibb as their spokesperson or broadcast host at tradeshows and corporate events. You’ll also hear Ms. Marie on the radio as a voiceover talent and as a frequent co-host on “New Vitality Live” Saturday mornings on WOR 710, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected AM radio stations.